Kevin Steen replying to people that tell him to follow them is hilarious

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Kevin Steen & El Generico
Super Dragon & Excalibur
December 11th, 2004
CZW Cage of Death 6

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Still really weird to me that Kevin Steen is in WWE
It seems so crazy

Leaders of the new school: Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami, Adrian Neville, Fergal Devitt and Kevin Steen talk to about their generation

NEVILLE: I think “wrestling” and “wrestler” used to be dirty words. That has turned around. We’re all here to say it’s not a dirty word. In fact, it’s a beautiful word.

ZAYN: We’re proud to be wrestlers.

NEVILLE: This is all we’ve ever wanted. And if you’re [on the main roster] and maybe you’re a little complacent — you’ve lost that fire — that’s fine, but just know that we’re going to be on your heels. We’re coming.

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Apparently Luke Harper and Colin Delaney backyard wrestled together before they got into wrestling.. Even though Harper’s like 6 years older then Colin.

Roderick Strong has a weird connection with fans…

Roderick Strong has a weird connection with fans…

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