does anybody know where that pic of neville is that colt talks about in his podcast. i need to see it

the myspace one?

yes omg

It was one of these two can’t remember which one 

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WWE has announced the next WWE NXT live special will air on the WWE Network on December 11th.

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I’m sorry for the long post but… what a night. I have a heart condition and Steen almost made me die of a heart attack when he laughed at the sign, Sasha wants me to make her one, Itami and Finn are polite… and my boyfriend called Sasha ratchet.

that second pic though

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"The man is basically human molasses…but he gets the job done."

it’s pretty funny considering who he is in Chikara lol

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Anyone got that gif of Karl Anderson trying this in PWG and face planting?

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Never know who’s gonna show up to a PWG show

Never know who’s gonna show up to a PWG show

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Brian Myers is fitting into PWG pretty well

(Minus that weird 1st match ending)

…… Trent’s coming back way to soon